Symbiosis Dress

Symbiosis Dress

The Symbiosis Dress is an homage to the beautiful natural phenomenon in which two species share the same habitat and benefit from each other. With the wearer and the integrated electronics symbolically connected, the piece is a combination of delicate design and advanced software technology. A microcontroller, integrated into the back of the dress, is connected to multiple lights and environmental sensors such as temperature, light and motion. When the microcontroller is in “listening mode”, the lights slowly fade in and out like a breathing rhythm. As soon as the microcontroller detects a significant change in the environment, it shifts into “observing mode” and communicates this to the wearer via sound.

Modern digital fabrication techniques were used during the design process, such as laser cutting and SLS 3D printing. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) creates high-resolution prints in complex forms which gives the organic shapes in this dress their precision.

The Symbioses Dress was designed at The Studio by ElektroCouture.

Image credits: Waldschuetz/ElektroCouture