Parallax Dress Lina Wassong

Parallax Dress

Machines become more aware of their environment through artificial intelligence. Self-learning systems and the integration of autonomous machines let us explore technology from a new perspective.
The Parallax Dress merges new intelligent technology with complex evolutionary behavior and makes us rethink intelligence in our digital age. The design concept is based on the unique nervous system of an octopus. The octopuses’ control center extends into all eight arms, allowing the arms to move autonomously, which gives it specialized problem solving abilities. Microcontrolling mechanisms within the dress make the individually controlled arms interact with the environment by detecting movement through infrared sensing technology. Formlabs’ high-resolution SLA 3D printing powered the complex structural casing for the electronic and mechanical components.

The Parallax Dress was designed at The Studio by ElektroCouture.

Lina Wassong Parallax Dress

Image credits: Ana Catalá/ElektroCouture