Monitor Dress Lina Wassong

Monitor Dress

The Monitor Dress is an experiment to research different ways of digitalizing the wearer’s heart activity as well as processing the recorded data. The Design creates a seamless interface between the human body, garment and electronic components – digitalizing and recording our transient biosignals.

Three electrodes inside the dress measure the electrical signals running through the wearer’s body. Those analog impulses, which emanate from the muscle activity of the heart, are converted to digital signals. The microcontroller then sends the data over a wireless network as well as lights up a circle of LEDs in the front of the dress, flashing purple with every heartbeat. The information sent to the wireless network is picked up by a computer, which is monitoring the data in order to animate it. The electrical signals of the heart are now visible on the display as well as the dress itself.

Image credits: Jan Voss